IMS Maintains Top Distributor Status

Jun 09 2016

IMS has once again been named a TOP 10 Distributor by Promo Marketing. Check out the site for the list of the top 10:

Why Is ISO Certification Important?

Oct 26 2015

IMS leverages ISO certified processes across fulfillment centers which ensures a triple check for accuracy prior to shipment.  Ordering is automated via online websites so orders can be received during high volume periods. All of our facilities utilize ISO processes for receiving, shelf, and consolidations. Other important areas we implement ISO processes include the following:  Visitor Check in—making sure only authorized folks are in the building, and that they are made aware of potential safety concerns when in warehouse. Severe Weather and Emergencies—includes evacuation plans, fire drill processes, areas for shelter during extreme weather, and Monthly Facility Safety Checklist which covers 27 safety areas which are reported on and graded monthly. Lock Out / Tag out—making equipment in need of service safe from “starting up”  when being repaired.  Also includes Daily Vehicle Checklists to make sure vehicles are i ...

Chicago Ideas Week: “Leading Under Pressure”

Oct 14 2015

Integrated Merchandising Systems and the people who work here are always looking for things that inspire them to lead, innovate, and become stronger thought leaders. Last night, several of us seized the opportunity to attend a Chicago Ideas Week event titled, “Leading Under Pressure.” The speakers included (Ret) General David Petraeus, Alexa Clay, Desiree Rogers, Cecile Richards, and Jessica Yellin as moderator. You may be asking yourself, “What does this have to do with supply chain?”  In fact, this has everything to do with the supply chain. These speakers, while diverse and often controversial in nature, have all had to make difficult choices under pressure, and that is what a good supply chain leader does-helps guide their clients to optimal efficiency.

IMS Named Top Five Distributor by Counselor Magazine

Jul 16 2015

Last night, Wednesday evening, IMS was awarded the number five spot on the Distributor Top 40 List by Counselor magazine.. It was a beautiful award ceremony where the top suppliers and distributors were acknowledged, along with the person of the year, the lifetime achievement award, Bess Cohn Humanitarian Award, and supplier and distributor women of distinction, among many others. IMS is proud to be a Top 5 Distributor this year and for many years running.

IMS Quality Customer Service

May 04 2015

Vanessa Weber, IMS’ Customer Service Manager, discusses the importance of customer service.