Chicago Ideas Week: “Leading Under Pressure”

Oct 14 2015

Integrated Merchandising Systems and the people who work here are always looking for things that inspire them to lead, innovate, and become stronger thought leaders. Last night, several of us seized the opportunity to attend a Chicago Ideas Week event titled, “Leading Under Pressure.” The speakers included (Ret) General David Petraeus, Alexa Clay, Desiree Rogers, Cecile Richards, and Jessica Yellin as moderator. You may be asking yourself, “What does this have to do with supply chain?”  In fact, this has everything to do with the supply chain. These speakers, while diverse and often controversial in nature, have all had to make difficult choices under pressure, and that is what a good supply chain leader does-helps guide their clients to optimal efficiency.

Some of our favorite nuggets of wisdom for leading under pressure are as follows:

Cecile Richards:

  • Look to the next decade, not the next day
  • Looking beyond the day to day and radically reimaging the future

Desiree Rogers:

  • First get the facts, then try as best to present the plan
  • Patience give you a sense of calm and ability to look at the whole picture

(Ret) General David Petraeus:

  • Winners win
  • You have to compete to be a team player
  • Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity

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