Make the most of your print and POS budget

IMS delivers time and time again with our proven cost savings and process efficiency. Our strategic print and POS management services streamline your merchandising materials, saving you time and money in the process. IMS' carefully honed process integrates sourcing and production with ordering and fulfillment to give you the cost and time savings you demand.

At IMS, our production teams continuously drive industry-leading print and POS initiatives through smarter bidding, estimate creation, and timeline management.

Design Integration

It begins with your design. Our workflow automation solutions standardize the file development and approval process. Not only does this make the process more efficient, but it also provides a central location for your assets—making production faster and more cost-effective.

Strategic Sourcing

Strategic sourcing is more than just triple bidding jobs, it’s also economies of scale. IMS can save you money through our size and scope, a result of consolidating spending from our many clients. We continuously monitor real-time data to create predictive pricing models to ensure that you receive the best price.

In addition, we partner with best-in-class suppliers that deliver the highest quality, innovative technologies that we offer to our clients.

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Production Execution

Rely on flawless production with our proprietary Job Management System (JMS). JMS allows us to capture and track all project activity online, giving you complete visibility and real-time project status for every order.

Customer Service/Order Management

At IMS, every one of our clients is served by a dedicated team with specialized customer service representatives. Our customer service representatives work closely with you to ensure your programs are running smoothly. Our highly-skilled service teams are trained to fully understand your programs and are readily accessible via a toll-free number and online.

Plus, IMS makes order management simple with our Merchandising Resource Centers. These centers give you access to merchandising activity with real-time data on items, inventory, and tracking information for shelf and replenishment inventory, as well as the ability to “push” shipments from corporate.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Get the big picture by seeing a detailed analysis of your merchandising supply chain data. Our data analytics team helps you understand and analyze your real-time data so you can make better spending and activity decisions.

We offer a variety of analytics services, including an ROI calculator for POS programs, ROI predictive modeling for POS materials, demand forecasting tools, inventory management tools, and predictive price modeling.

  • Printed materials, including banners, posters, collateral, and sell sheets

  • Direct mail

  • Temporary displays

  • Permanent displays

  • Racks/hardware

  • Equipment

  • Signage

  • And more

Promotional Products
  • Apparel and hats

  • Business accessories

  • Bags and briefcases

  • Travel, leisure, and golf

  • Event and promotional giveaways

  • Awards

  • Drink and barware

  • Kids

  • And more

We work with terrific Fortune 200 clients across the supply chain that drive continuous improvement and relationships that last decades.

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