Rely on our robust warehousing and fulfillment infrastructure

At IMS, our ISO-certified fulfillment and warehouse operations are designed and built specifically to meet the needs of Fortune 200 companies. When you partner with us, you’re backed by our network of 1,750,000 sq. ft. of space across 8 facilities and 5 distribution points. In fact, we process more than 7 million orders annually (27,000/day) for 300,000+ active SKUs.

ISO QMS & Facilities Designed for Marketing Materials

IMS leverages disciplined procurement processes/systems and proven ISO 9001:2008-certified QMS across facilities to ensure the right product arrives at the right place, in fact, we have 99.8%+ accuracy and on-time rates. ISO processes begin with receiving through put-away, ordering, picking/kitting, QC checks, and shipment. IMS facilities and systems are designed and build to enable our ISO certified processes for QMS.

We leverage RF/barcode technology to manage inventory based on orders with a triple check QC process for accuracy. This provides “real-time” visibility to inventory 24/7, from receipt of inventory through order fulfillment. We also conduct cycle counts on a regular cadence as agreed upon with the client to ensure inventory accuracy.

Turnkey Services

Inventory Management

  • Receiving – assumption and putaway of goods at an IMS facility

  • Storage/Physical Inventory – each SKU is assigned a warehouse location and is stored in the location until ordered

  • Item Management (real time quantities, reorder points, item order caps, obsolescence dates) – Each item is assigned business rules that determines who, how many, for how long, items can be ordered. These rules are established during the SKU/item setup and are the basis for how inventory levels are maintained

Order Management/Customer Service

  • Ordering methods are established specific to each client (online, bulk, phone/email, etc). Most ordering activity is done via IMS ordering websites (35+ currently)

  • Call Center – Client specific 1-800#s are setup for customer service that are staffed by dedicated client reps fully knowledgeable about client items, programs, and web ordering portals/processes

  • Order Processing/Tracking – Customer Service ensures orders are processed and track order, shipment, and delivery confirmation to ensure on-time, in-full delivery

Store Profiling

Store Profiling enables effective, accurate consolidation and kitting, while also driving accurate production quantities and is a key driver of fulfillment efficiency, cost savings, and accuracy for end-users.

  • Profile Database – for retail clients, IMS maintains a database that captures pre-defined store dynamics on a store specific basis to ensure only items relevant to each store can be ordered. Changes to existing stores can be made quickly when those dynamics/footprints change or evolve over time

  • New Store Setup – process in place to setup a new store in the database

Fulfillment Services

Fulfillment at IMS includes pick/pack, order consolidation, kitting, and assembly. Kitting is an IMS core competency leveraged by nearly all IMS clients at varying levels based on their business dynamics. IMS provides robust kit packing across clients, including extensive kitting projects as well as weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or trimester consolidations of push and pull items at the store level or “month in a box" to provide ease for the field and reduce non-value added shipments.

Freight Management

Because of our robust fulfillment network and cross category knowledge, we’re able to reduce our clients' shipping costs by 15-35 percent a year and ship to 95 percent of the U.S. population in 2 days or less.

We work with a vast "best in class" network of shipping partners, which allows us to continuously work with our clients to minimize freight costs. We have saved several clients seven figures by consolidating orders/kitting, thereby minimizing the number of shipments. Another benefit of this is that it is easier for field personnel at locations since it’s all in “one box” that arrives on a regular schedule.

Our data-driven and integrated process lets us offer multi-enterprise optimization, carrier contract management, and shipment consolidation. We conduct rigorous analyses and monitor feedback from our clients’ end users to identify the most efficient, effective options and processes. At IMS, we help you turn freight and fulfillment into a competitive advantage.

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Our network continues to grow because our fulfillment world provides a competitive advantage for our clients— lowering costs, minimizing shipments, and utilizing forward-thinking technology making it easier for personnel in the field to execute.

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