Situation: Information Technology

Industry: Adult Beverage


An adult beverage company was looking for ways to keep its merchandising costs in check and needed the ability to forecast and order promotional products.


The adult beverage company took advantage of IMS’ Demand Planning functionality, which allowed the company to accurately create production forecasts and easily manage merchandising budgets. By using the platform, they were able to define various programs/campaigns and assign spend budgets to individuals or groups. They also used the system’s built-in review and approval mechanism, which gave the company’s merchandising groups control over the final forecasts for production and ensured that spend dollars stayed within budget.


  • Increased the accuracy of production forecasts
  • Provided the ability to identify and cancel low-performing programs
  • Saved time and money by automating planning processes that previously had been done by spreadsheets
  • Made managing budgets faster, easier, and more transparent