Situation: Promotional Products

Industry: Financial Services


IMS wanted to turn a buy for one division of a financial services company into an opportunity for others, while lowering the overall cost for all end-users.


In order to reduce spend on our client’s behalf, while still producing high-quality tumblers on-time, IMS proactively reached across regions and divisions to find out who else in their company may be interested in the product.

In all, 28 regions participated and were also interested in ordering these branded tumblers. As a result, we were able to reduce the unit price and consolidate delivery. The client was able to receive the same product at a much lower rate.


  • Through merchandising synergies, group buys and proactive bundling, IMS was able to deliver these branded tumblers at a price 50% lower per unit than for the single division

  • The company saw an overall savings of $500M