Delivering on your brand promise.
Delivering results.

IMS provides Fortune 200 companies with the end-to-end merchandising solutions they need to promote their brands and drive sales. Since 1985, the top names in the industry have relied on us for lower costs, increase efficiencies, and the overall merchandising program support they need to promote their business.

Our highly skilled, dedicated account teams work closely with our clients throughout the merchandising life cycle, from strategic sourcing of materials through fulfillment and distribution. Every project is backed by our robust, proprietary technology that lets our clients oversee, track, and analyze all aspects of the process. Because of our high-quality, high-level of service and focus on costs and efficiency, we build long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Some of the many benefits our clients experience, include:

Cost Savings

IMS delivers 10-20 percent+ benchmarked savings in the first year alone, based on the last 10 clients we have onboarded. More importantly, we deliver at least a 3-5 percent savings on an ongoing basis, which is why we retain clients, averaging 11+ years for most client relationships.

Spend & Activity Transparency

IMS makes it simple to see your spend and activity across your entire merchandising supply chain. IMS systems are fully integrated from the sourcing of goods, to corporate and field ordering, to fulfillment and freight costs. Our system captures all spend and activity making it easily accessible for reporting and TCO analyses.

Process Efficiency

We base our end-to-end process on Six Sigma’s philosophy and best practices, enabling our clients to optimize their merchandising programs. But we don’t stop there—we continuously improve and modify our process base to ensure our clients receive the efficient, cost-effective experience their brands demand.

Data-Driven Improvements

Our model is grounded in analytics. We capture and analyze the spend and activity data for every client and transaction. This enables us to identify and target the most efficient sourcing opportunities, end-user ordering trends, and fulfillment and freight costs.

Solution Neutrality

We bid out every project to our strategically sourced and rigorously validated supplier network in order to ensure our promise of delivering cost- and time-efficient work, while providing the high-quality level required at the most competitive cost, specific to the job.

End-to-End Accountability

Our clients rely on IMS to fully oversee their merchandising program every step of the way. It is our job to get merchandising materials to retail/field end-users on time and in full. No excuses.

Senior Management Involvement

Our top executives know our clients and their businesses, personally, through regularly scheduled business reviews and senior monthly leadership meetings.